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How Education Can Get You Your Dream Job

How Education Can Get You Your Dream JobLanding a dream job requires getting the right educational training. A little bit of luck and some important professional connections can also help individuals get their dream employment opportunity.

Children often dream about what they will become when they grow up. Such innocent kids don’t know all of the technical details that go into attaining education and training for a certain job. Nevertheless, a simple dream is the beginning to a satisfying career. In high school, all enrolled students take the same subjects with the hopes of discovering their talents and skills that can be used for their passions later in life. Students that excel in physics and calculus can surely go on to become astronomers, NASA engineers or automotive technicians. Similarly, kids that do well in biology can pursue their dream career in the medical field and perhaps become a specialty doctor.

Sometimes, a college degree doesn’t directly lead to a dream job. For example, a student with a degree in sports journalism can start working in the industry that involves a favorite sport. It’s a dream come true for any tennis fan to sit behind the commentary booths and provide live breakdowns and comments on internationally broadcast matches. However, getting a position in a specific sport may not always be possible. For instance, an avid tennis fan with a sports broadcasting degree may first find a job for a major basketball team. Nevertheless, a degree in sports broadcasting or journalism can eventually allow anyone to find a dream job related to a favorite sport.

A dream job in the medical field rarely arrives by accident. People that want to make groundbreaking contributions in medicine need to study for many years before getting the chance to apply their skills and ambitions. For example, a degree in biotechnology can allow students to pursue their dream job of cloning organs in a lab setting. A bioengineering degree can be used for landing a dream job that involves making alternative solutions for non renewable resources and materials.

The transition from the classroom to a dream job does not come overnight. It takes a lot of effort to find the right employment and make the proper personal and professional connections. However, students can attain valuable contacts while studying in college. Professors and other staff have direct contacts with employers related to specific types of degrees being studied in a given college. For example, a physics professor may be able to refer students to a nuclear power plant facility. Such a reference is surely useful for students with ambitions to become nuclear scientists.

A degree in Environmental Studies can help a person land a dream job that’s related to saving the planet. Such a degree can be used to influence legislation that governs extraction of natural resources such as natural gas, petroleum and even rain forests. Environmental activists can also prevent the pollution of water, land and air by pushing for restrictions on certain activities by major corporations such as oil companies. Some people get true satisfaction from trying to make the world a better place for future generations.

A college degree is a spring board into any dream job. Students need to acquire the basic and advanced knowledge in a particular field before exploring the large workplace that is abundant with dream jobs.


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