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Great Majors for College

Great Majors for CollegeWhen choosing the best major, college students are often advised to implement a goal that combines personal passion along with careers that pay impressive salaries. To make a good living doing what you love is one of the ultimate goals and aspirations of students and people in general. Students that enroll in agriculture majors tend to have a calling and strong interest in this broad discipline and combining this with majors that are in demand is most ideal. Also getting your education from a premiere and accredited school that has a focus on agricultural studies is especially beneficial. Unity College is a school that delivers such outstanding academic services for students who want to make a difference.

Unity College

Unity College is a renowned academic institution that focuses on environmental and agricultural majors. The college takes pride in giving students the foundation to become environmental professionals from extensive classroom and real world field experiences. The school realizes that the earth and environment is at a critical point in time due to human intervention and would like to help provide a resolution through education. Pollution, global warming, converting to green renewable energy, famine, disease, endangered species, and the education, politics and enforcement of these aspects are epic considerations for the entire world. Unity College was founded in 1965 and resides in Unity, Maine, in close proximity to ponds, farmland, wooded wilderness, and other aspects of a beautiful environment. The school features cutting edge technology, outstanding faculty and staff, experiential learning, and more to empower and enlighten students in the most efficient manner.

Biology and Marine Biology

Biology is a great major for prospective students to consider that has many applications and career possibilities. Learning about organisms, cells, ecology and similar components will give students a foundation for many lucrative professional endeavors. Marine Biology is a sub category of biology that focuses on marine organisms, life, and ecosystems. Biology majors could have a concentration in an organismal or ecological option and are prepared to pursue graduate school or become anything from a botanist, to zoologist, to an environmental biologist and much more.

Environmental Writing and Media Studies

The major combines fundamentals of English, writing, and journalism to create a voice for environmental issues. This will prepare students to become writers, journalists, independent film makers, freelancers, photographers, and more to communicate vital aspects of the environment to industry insiders and the rest of the world.

Earth & Environmental Science

This major addresses and studies changes in the physical landscape of the earth. This is a very important science and industry as understanding our planet is crucial, we only get one. Ignorance or lack of knowledge in regards to it could have potentially avoidable catastrophes manifest if we’re not careful.

Sustainable Energy Management

It is no secret that the world and many countries are in an energy crisis. The over dependence on non-renewable energy such as fossil fuels and nuclear energy has put many nations in back against the wall situations, cost us huge amounts of money, pollutes the planet, and contributes to global warming. Green and renewable energy is the trend of the future and will have fiscal and environmental benefits for those that get involved now.


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