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Improving Your College Entrance Exam Score

Before you can gain admission into any of the colleges in the US, you must pass an entrance exam. Surprisingly, these exams are not really hard but most people fail. The reason is not that these students are stupid. Actually, some of those who fail are the sharpest brains you will ever come across. The […]


Taking A CPE Course

Education is a lifelong process. It’s a journey not a destination. This is especially true of people involved in accounting. To remain abreast of the changes constantly taking place in the field accountants and other financial professionals must periodically take continuing professional education (CPE) courses. CPE courses help accountants and other professionals involved in financial […]

Becoming An Architect

Lots of people reflect on the education they have and what other field they might have pursued, had they the chance. Architecture, is a field that can be applied to the practical or to the more abstract. Its sort of like law. It can always be useful in some way, even if you haven’t followed […]

Importance of getting your ACLS certification

The importance of getting your ACLS certification is invaluable, especially when you consider what would happen if you didn’t have it. You might not like the work that you put into the situation might not seem worth it. The money that you invest into compiling a team of individuals that will allow you to assemble […]

Struggling to Overcome Student Debt

Right out of high school I was awarded incredible scholarships and financial packages to attend college. I ended up spending six years earning degrees from famous schools in the Midwest and Western United States. These were private schools, so the scholarships helped, but didn’t come close to covering all of the costs. Two degrees later, […]

Heading Across Country for School

For families with students who are thinking of heading across country for school, there are many things to think about. How much space will there be in the new place? What should one pack? Should new things be purchased when the student gets to school, or should he or she bring the items along? How […]

5 Things Your College Student Needs This Year

Many parents are unsure what to buy their children to make sure that they are prepared for college life. Guaranteeing that they have everything they need is simplified with a few essential items. Printer and Ink Cartridges: A quality printer with extra ink cartridges is mandatory for every college student. Your student will have multiple […]