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Braces 101

Getting braces is usually a negative topic for a lot of people. It is something that you don’t necessarily look forward to. Definitely simply a means to an end of getting beautifully straight teeth. I know I wasn’t thrilled to have my experience of having braces for 6 years. That was an unusual case however […]

business woman

Safety Concerns at Work

Every workplace has its share of safety concerns. Some of them pose more of a risk to their employees than others. The truly risky businesses are going to have to deal with a tremendous expense in the form of numerous workers compensation claims. It’s a complicated process to have a workplace that’s structured in a […]

Does your Education Match your Business Goals?

People of all ages decide to change the directions of their career and future financial goals. There are many different thriving industries in the global economy. Finding a new career is often required when the local economy changes. Several students’ right out of high school know where their passions are and seek out success. Does […]

Types of Loans

Understanding Different Types Of Loans

College is often the first time that you start looking into financing and loans. It is important to understand different types of loans and financing to help stay ahead in life. You may be asking yourself, what types of loans and financing are there–with so many types out there, it can be hard to tell […]

Beat the Cost of Higher Education Part 7

Secret # 7 You Do Not Have To Stop Or Drastically Reduce Your Retirement Savings Contributions In Order To Pay For College. Unfortunately, most parents don’t think they will be able to fund their retirement savings and put their children through college at the same time. The fact is, in many cases, it is possible […]

Beat the Cost of Higher Education Part 6

Secret # 6 How To Pay For Your Child’s Education On A Tax-Favored Basis! (We have used this technique to help higher tax bracket clients who don’t qualify for need-based financial aid.) Do you make in excess of $150,000 a year? If so, there is a good chance that you won’t qualify for need-based aid. […]

Beat the Cost of Higher Education Part 5

Secret # 5 How To Fill Out The Complicated Financial Aid Forms Accurately And On-Time! Over 90% of the forms are submitted with errors! Did you know that according to the Department of Education, over 90% of all financial aid forms are submitted with errors and inconsistencies? Simple mistakes like omitting a social security number, […]

Beat the Cost of Higher Education Part 4

Secret # 4 How To Pick Colleges That Will Give You The Best Financial Aid Packages – More FREE Money, Less Loans! (Why waste your time applying to schools that will never give you the money you need?) Some schools are well endowed and have the ability to award a lot of money to students. […]

Beat the Cost of Higher Education Part 3

Secret # 3 How To Send Your Child To An Expensive Private College For Less Than A State School (This one really amazes clients.) Believe it or not, some private schools end up being cheaper than a state school or even a local community college. How can this be? Let us explain… The reason is […]

Beat the Cost of Higher Education Part 2

Secret # 2 Why High School “Financial Aid Nights” And High School Guidance Counselors Can Be Hazardous To Your Wealth! Many parents unknowingly assume that all of their concerns will be answered by the high school “Financial Aid Night,” or by their child’s guidance counselor. Unfortunately, this rarely turns out to be the case. High […]